Riding Bikes

The kids can finally ride to Marching Band camp! Since it is “Twin Day”, they decided to wear Troop 706 t-shirts and gray shorts. Both kids are enjoying camp, and it has been fun to listen to them talk about it after they get home each day. John is surprised by the sore muscles and he said, “Marching Band camp is REALLY hard work, Mom.” Yep, Kid, it is. Welcome to the band geek life!

The Day

It was a day of Marching Band in the morning and afternoon…

…and, it was baseball in the evening.

I complained about getting the kids up and ready to go to Marching Band camp and then taking John to baseball practice, but the reality is that I have so few years left of this. I will miss this so much some day, and I know it is coming much faster than I want.

New Bike Day!

It is one of the BEST days, delivered by CycleX, because it is NEW BIKE DAY for Laura!

Welcome Specialized Sirrus to the Kassel Family stable. The bicycle is really pretty with flat back paint and a glittery Specialized logo. Here is to lots of riding and great bike miles for Laura!