Food Truck Friday

Food Truck Friday at Brookside makes for a happy me. We drive up the street and pick up food from The Wrap and The Big Cheeze. We take it home and eat! That means no cooking after a long week and a super easy Friday night. I will take it!

They Are Back!

Our temporary kitties have returned while their humans prepare for and hike the Continental Divide Trail.

We were so excited to see Josefina and Topanga again, and we cannot wait to enjoy these two crazy girls for the next six months or so!

Wine Shipment #2

The second shipment of six bottles of wine arrived today from the Sigma Chi 1855 Club. This time, we have The White Rose Rosé. It is a 2019 from Napa Valley.

Also, we received the Norman Shield Pinot Noir. One bottle is a 2018 from Napa Valley and the other two bottles are 2019 from the Russian River Valley.

If these wines are even half as good as the other two wines, they will be amazing! The 1855 Club definitely falls under the splurge category for us, but the wines are worth it.