After just over 300 days, the first day of in-person school has arrived. It may only be two days a week, but the kids are more than ready to actually be at school.

Laura was so very nervous this morning as it is her first “real” day at Hickman High School. She toured the building on Friday and knows how to find everything, so that will help a lot. I told her to remember that there will be half of the kids there and that she did amazing in her first semester.

John was so excited that he was talking at lightning speed this morning. I could barely understand him. I think he was talking faster than Laura usually does!

I texted them both and told them good luck and that I love them. I got responses back from both that read, “Love you too.” I have good kids.

Both of their first days went great! They both said that social distancing was easy and that class sizes were generally small. They were full of smiles tonight and very happy to be back.