Why Continue?

So, why am I continuing Project Life 365 after 2011?  I think the picture says it all…

Because of the fantastic family in that photo. There are too many things that I want to remember – the great, the good, the okay, the not-so-good, and the suck. Oh, yes, and the reasons below…

  1. I did, in fact, turn 2011’s Project 365-My Way into a Shutterfly photo book and I enjoyed doing it! Maybe there is a scrapbooker in me somewhere?
  2. I discovered that taking nearly a picture every day is NOT a chore. I found it interesting and great fun. I also found myself taking pictures of things I never would have dreamed of before. I mean, who takes pictures of a stack of Christmas cards? Who you ask? Me! And I loved it! Every minute of it! I’ll be getting a “pocket camera” sometime in 2012 that will stay in my purse. I love the camera we currently have, but it can be bulky to carry around.
  3. Project Life 365 does affect the way you take pictures. You notice things you didn’t before. You do take pictures of what some people would consider “odd.” Does that bother me? No. Got some great memories from the photos I never would have noticed before!
  4. The kids, especially Laura, really got into this with me. Laura would ask, “Mommy, can I be POTD?” How cool is it that the kids will be able to look back some day at the photo books and see all those things they wouldn’t remember otherwise?
  5. I can’t believe the following this blog has. I mean I truly can’t believe it. So many different people have said that they appreciate the blog so much. I was shocked and amazed to hear person after person say, “Every morning, I check the blog to see what happened the day before. It’s part of my morning routine.” Who would have thought?
  6. I was afraid to tell Andy about this project at first. I knew he would think I was insane because I was adding more to my already very busy days. When I finally did tell him, he did think I was crazy, but he thought the idea was neat. I’m sure he thought I would eventually give it up. Here it is a year later and he moved the site to our personal family website and he set it all up for me! He still thinks I’m crazy, but he loves me anyway.
  7. Truth be told, I purposely put this blog on a free blog site because I figured *I* would give it up too. I am so glad I didn’t. The memories of every day on this blog are truly awesome – the big things, the little things, the nothing things, the embarrassing things, the fun things, the bad things, basically ALL OF IT. Every day is important. This reminds of that.

So, thank you Jill Blume (and, indirectly, Colleen Teodosio) for getting me started on 2011… 2012 and the years that follow are just a bonus. 🙂

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