Happy Thanksgiving!

My heart is full.

What a great day with family! We drank some great drinks. Mimosas, wine, beer, and Red Russians were all on the menu.

We ate some amazing food. This just might be Andy’s best turkey yet!

We had Jim carve the turkey because he used to do it every year before we started hosting Thanksgiving. It’s a throwback and he’s an expert. Plus, it gave Andy time to make the gravy, which is a staple.

We took pictures all day long.

We stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving dinner and we napped hard afterwards while football played on the television.

I was exhausted at the end of the day, but it was worth every minute. Before I went to sleep, I gave thanks for everything that Andy and I have like the ability to share our house for a few days with his family all under one roof. There are not many more of these left. Our oldest niece is 25. The day is coming when everyone is scattered to enjoy Thanksgiving with their kids and grandchildren. Enjoy it all now.

Thanksgiving Prep

Thanksgiving for us Kassels means lots of top-to-bottom house cleaning, baking, and food prep. The kids helped me make two pies, apple and pumpkin, along with chocolate chip muffins, zucchini bread, and cranberry sauce.

Andy got the turkey in the brine. The new brine bucket has been useful this week. He’s already used it twice! Maybe, I should stop giving him a hard time about it.

I prepped the Overnight Eggs Benedict Casserole.

And, the “teenager/kid cave” is ready in the basement.

Thirteen people under our roof for the next three nights means a lot of craziness, laughs, and fun.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Growing up, I snapped the ends off a LOT of green beans. We also used to snap them into canning-size pieces. I figured it was time to involve the kids. We always eat the green beans whole, so we only snap the ends, but this sure brought back memories for me.

Decorating for Christmas

I am not one to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but with Andy’s family coming in for Thanksgiving and hosting my work party the following week, I don’t have much time to deck out the house. I dug everything out of the storage area and realized that we have reached the point of 20+ boxes of Christmas decorations and I bought more this year for the basement. I’m obsessed. I admit it. I will justify this by saying that I am only putting up the small trees before Thanksgiving… Well, okay, so I am putting out the decorations that I bought for the basement, too. Hey, I don’t have boxes for those decorations! It’s completely justified.