Instrument Enrollment Night

It is Instrument Enrollment Night for John.

Andy and John went to Smithton Middle School this evening so that John could try the different instruments. Admittedly, Andy and I were pushing John to the trumpet since we actually have a trumpet, but it turns out that John really loved it and made it his first choice. We find out in a few weeks what instrument he will play.

Augmentin = Devil

Well, I won’t be taking Augmentin ever again. It turns out that I actually have a bacterial sinus infection. While the Augmentin that I was prescribed yesterday worked on the sinus infection, I also had an allergic reaction to it. I spent more than five hours in the bathroom overnight and Andy thought he was going to have to take me to the hospital. I am seriously dehydrated today, but I am doing much better after a lot of sleep and a lot of water. I will call the doctor tomorrow to see what I should do now. I obviously need an antibiotic, but I will not be taking any more Augmentin.

Award Band Concert

Laura had her Award Band Concert this evening.

Award Band is made up of 75 students from across Columbia’s six middle schools.

Originally, Laura was selected as an alternate, but moved up when a student had to drop out. Laura only got to participate in two of the four practices. She was definitely nervous.

The band played four songs and they sounded great. I am really proud of Laura for trying out and then doing her best!

Tired Boy

Usually, when John gets up in the morning, he is off and running. This morning, he appeared at my bedside while I was watching some television and enjoying coffee. He looked a little bleary eyed, but nothing really out of the ordinary. I looked over five minutes later to find him asleep. He must have been really tired!

Still Sick

I went to the doctor today because I am still sick and the congestion and cough will just not let go. I do just have a virus, but they gave me Prednisone to help lessen the inflammation in my sinuses. The doctor said that this has helped a lot of people to be able to get over the virus quicker. I will try just about anything right now…


When you spend $100 because you have a dead battery two days in a row and the battery is not that old and you think you could have a problem with your new alternator or a parasitic draw only to be told they can’t find anything, you drink wine.