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No picture today.  I spent the evening trying to get as much done as possible, since I basically did nothing yesterday.  That apparently included not taking a picture…

Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day has not been my finest hour.  I miss my mom on my first Mother’s Day without her.  I am trying to get in the spirit of today, but the truth is that everything I try is not working, so I spent the morning laying around.  We spent the afternoon at the PedNet Mother’s Day Family Fun Ride.  It really did help my spirits.  I needed some family time.

Laura’s excitement over her new bike was really infectious.  She was so excited to get to really ride it and try out the different gears.  She also was not nearly as tired at the end of a ride as she usually is.  A good bike can make anyone happy.

Of course, John did the same thing he did last year.  He had to be out in front with the ride leader.  There is no leaving John behind!

At the end of the ride, John gave me a big hug and told me that he was sorry I missed my mom.  He also told me that he loved me and I was a great mom.

After the ride, Andy and I dropped the kids off at home and road another 12 miles on the Bear Creek Trail.  It was an easy, quiet ride that helped to clear my head a bit.  Sometimes, I just need a trail, my bike, and Andy.  We spent the evening having a nice dinner with Jeremy.  I know today was not the day that Andy and the kids had hoped for me, but I suppose it will get easier with time.  I do miss you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day to you.

New Bike Day!

Thanks to CycleX for making Laura’s day!  It is jump up and down, happy, excited, new bike day!  (And, yes, she was literally jumping up and down.)

A Night Out

With both kids at sleepovers (the stars aligned again!), Andy and I took the opportunity to head out with some of the women from the CycleX Women’s Ride Wednesday and their significant others.  We all met up about 6:15 on the MKT Trail for a ride to The Station House for dinner and drinks.

It was a beautiful evening spent with great friends.

We headed for home about 9:15 and had a great time on the trip back.  There is just something about riding in the dark with a group of friends.  It was an amazingly fun evening and I can’t wait for the next get together!

IGE in Action Project

John worked so hard on his IGE in Action project!  Because he has baseball games tonight, we will be at the ball field instead of Ridgeway Elementary for IGE in Action Night.  That makes me sad, but he worked so hard on his “mini battlefield” and his facts about the Battle of Gettysburg.  He only had minimal help from Dad and I and he worked hard to figure out which facts were most relevant.  He even asked me to take him to school today so that his project would get there safe and sound with no damage while on the bus.  Great job, John!  I am proud of you!


We finally have a weekend coming up where we have no baseball or kid activities!  I really hope we can get a few projects done around the house like getting the summer cushions on kitchen chairs and installing the new microwave.  I also want to clean the house because it really needs it.  Cross your fingers for a productive weekend…

Bike Ride

After an exhausting couple of weeks, Andy and I finally took some time for ourselves and went on a bike ride with Lauren.  It was a beautiful night, a great friend, and bikes!

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