Parenting Win

Girl slams bedroom door.  I threaten to take door off the hinges.  We have a discussion in which she informs me that we are *way* harder on her than boy.  When the discussion ends, I give her the opportunity to come downstairs to help with dinner or stay in her room.  She chooses her room.  I leave her room and leave the door open.  She gets up to close the door and slaps it to close it.  Then, she proceeds to jump to grab it before it slams.  I feel like I just won the DK 200.

I Voted

Well, I voted, but I did not have much desire to do so.  I used to be so excited and happy to have the opportunity to vote, but that feeling is gone.  I admit that I skipped a lot on the ballot, including Missouri’s Senate race.  Each candidate only had one positive advertisement as the rest targeted the opponent and how awful they were.  How can we as the people who vote feel good about putting either person in office when everything is so nasty?  How am I supposed to teach my kids to work with those they do not agree with when our elected representatives refuse to work with those they oppose?  It is disheartening at best.  I voted anyway, but I can’t say I am happy about it.


Laura and her Girl Scout Cadette troop volunteered at Juliesta to celebrate the birthday of Juliette Gordon Low.  They ran the Bingo station this year for 14 different troops.  They earned four service hours for helping the younger scouts learn more about Girl Scouting and their founder.  I can remember when Laura  attended Juliesta for the first time as a Daisy Scout and now she is leading those girls.  Time goes by so fast.


The Big Tree Cycling Annual Banquet was tonight.  It is always a fun time!  We get to eat great food, talk cycling, and enjoy time with our teammates.

It was quite a night!  Andy and I both received the Green & Black Award.  It was quite the shock for me at least and I was very surprised!

What have I learned over my first year in BTC?  Sometimes, doing things outside your comfort zone leads you to people you never expected to meet.  Thanks to both Andy and my teammates for showing me that my comfort zone is really a lot bigger than I thought.  Also, thanks to this awesome lady for being the best BBB that I could ever ask for and for listening, laughing, riding, and slowing down for me the whole way. I love you, Lauren Pointer!  I will be your SAG support any time!

22 Years

It has been 22 years.  We have laughed a lot.  We have loved a lot.  We have lived a lot.  We have argued a lot.  We have failed a lot.  He is the one person that has seen me through it all and, yet, he still tells me that he loves me every single day.  Today, we celebrate another year in the books.  Thank you, Andrew, for sticking it out with me even when you have to walk (or ride) away for a while.  I love you!


Andy and I started our anniversary celebration a day early with a 54-mile bike ride on the MKT and Katy Trails.  The fall colors were beautiful today!

Despite a bit of rainy drizzle and me struggling a lot, we had a great day.  We ended up in Rocheport for lunch at Meriwether’s where I refueled with wine and Nuun.

Tomorrow, we celebrate 22 years of marriage.  How has it been that long?