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Women’s Ride Wednesday

The CycleX Women’s Ride Wednesday is back and, tonight, we were 14 strong!  It was amazing to see that line of women enjoying time on the bikes on a beautiful, March evening.  Thank you to Andy for getting the kids to all the different practices so that I could have some time on the bike with the women.

Hanging Out

This has become a nightly occurrence.  Josefina loves Laura (and her bed)!

SolarEdge Monitoring

We can monitor the production of our solar panels either online or from an app on our phone.  Time to geek out!


John’s Pinewood Derby car is painted and it is now time for stickers.  One week to go!


Another Ridgeway Elementary FunDay has come and gone!  We arrived about 10:45 am and the kids immediately headed to find their friends and play some games while Andy and I went to the gym to fill out 200 more Teacher Raffle tickets for John.  We met back up for a quick lunch in the gym and then Andy and I went to the Silent Auction.  We bid on three packages – a signed basketball by Robin Pingeton (MU Women’s Basketball Coach), Explore Kansas, and Explore Missouri.  We were pleasantly surprised that for $115, we won all three!

After the Silent Auction, the kids finished using their tickets and enjoyed a Kona Ice.  We ended FunDay in the gym for the Big Drawing and Teacher Raffle Drawing.  While we did not win a Big Drawing package, our efforts in the Teacher Raffle were successful as John won the one he really wanted!  It only took a total of  270 tickets, but John and his friend, Ayden, will be going out for ice cream with their favorite principal, Mrs. Lawson.  John was so excited and the look on his face when he won was just cute!  Congratulations John!


The City of Columbia Water and Light department came out this morning and installed the new solar meter.  We were surprised because they have up to thirty days from the inspection and they are not known for being quick.  We were definitely not complaining though and were thrilled that we were one step closer to functional.  Then, the inspection happened this afternoon.  When all was complete, the City of Columbia inspector flipped the switch and the solar panels are functional!  In total today, we used 11 kilowatt hours.  Since the solar panels were turned on at 2 pm, we produced 5 kilowatt hours.  Considering those 5 kilowatt hours were in a 4-1/2 hour period, I think had the panels been on this morning, we most likely would have produced as much as we made.  I love it!

Two Things

Two things happened today.  I rode with Andy and he got a King of the Mountain (KOM) on Strava.  When looking at the overall leaderboard, we discovered that I actually own the true overall by one second from my last ride on the Bear Creek Trail.  I am KOM!  Nevermind that Andy was riding with me and riding *my* speed.  I know that he will own the real KOM soon, but, for today, I took a picture.  I will never see this again.  As if that was not enough, he told me while we were riding that he noticed that I am thinner especially in the legs.  When the person who lives with you everyday and sees you all the time notices, you know the change is happening.  I will be smiling all night!

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