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Fall baseball has begun!


It’s what’s for dinner!

Garage Reorganization

It was an afternoon of garage reorganization.  Andy has been wanting to do this for a while now to make better use of the space.  This is the before picture.

Andy put a set of shelves together as one tall shelf instead of two short shelves.  This cleared up a lot of space on the floor and allowed us to use a pulley system to hang John’s bike from the ceiling.

This is the after picture.  Much better and everything is organized and in its place!


The kids wanted to hang out in their rooms, so Andy and I watched a movie in the basement.  When the movie ended at 9:30, I came upstairs to find John like this…


Unfortunately, Andy’s BikeMS ride has been cancelled for this weekend due to the weather.  His team will still be getting together for some sort of event here in town, but I know he is disappointed.  He is still riding in two other BikeMS rides, but it won’t be quite the same.

BTC Green and Black


All the comfortable places in our house and she chooses the box…

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