Dr. Jensen

I have the privilege of going to work every day with some of the best. They are not only my colleagues, but my friends. Today, I got to watch Kurtis complete his doctoral degree. I actually remember the first time I met him five years ago. He cracked a joke that only I found funny. I laughed so hard and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Since that time, I have come to very much respect the person he is. He gets my sense of humor; he always makes me laugh; and he is always honest with me. Congratulations to Dr. Woo! You are one of the best!


The MKT Trail has some pretty significant damage due to all the flooding. It is going to take some hard work to get it opened again. Please let it stop raining so repair work can begin. I love this trail!

Tough Day

The Mid-MO Stars went 1-1 today in an abbreviated tournament. However, John had a tough day on the field. He was lifeless through the first game and sat the bench for an inning. He bounced back in the second game, but he was not the same John that we have seen in the last month. Everyone has these days, but they are especially hard to watch as a parent. You want your kid to play well, and it is so hard when they just can’t seem to get it together for more than one out. I know it happens. I had these days when I was playing volleyball too. It is a whole different world when you are watching and you can’t do anything about it.

Rain Out

This is what a baseball team does when fields are too wet to play.

Laura is never allowed to come to a tournament weekend again. This would be the second time she has come that games were rained out. I am only half joking…