Do good for others while doing what you love!  We were lucky enough to participate in Cranktivus 2018 today, which is a food drive on a bicycle.


Our first stop was Lucky’s Market, where we purchased potatoes.


We only visited three of the five grocery stores because we had the kids with us, so we bought a few of the items from one store.  The kids also learned a lot about riding on the road and about the bike boulevards.


The amount of food collected by 120 riders was amazing.  Calling all cyclists and those who ride bikes (but do not call themselves cyclists) for 2019…  If you get the chance, donate an afternoon and a small amount of your money to buy food to help those in need.  Despite a small amount of complaining from John, he declared at the end, “Mom, that was neat. I got to help people!”  What a great event!

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