Spiders and Pumpkin Murder

Since Halloween is only a few days away, we spent the afternoon putting up our outside decorations.  Our big spider and some of her babies have officially returned!  It just isn’t Halloween around here without her.

We spent the evening carving jack-o-lanterns.  First, Laura and John drew their faces.  John is obsessed with multi-eyed pumpkins and Laura decided we needed a Harry Potter-themed pumpkin.

Then, it was time to perform pumpkin murder!  Most people refer to this as cutting the opening in the top and scooping out the inside.  We call it pumpkin murder and this also happens to be my favorite part.

Once the insides were cleaned, Andy drew the faces on the pumpkins and helped the kids do the carving.  Andy ended up doing most of the carving, but the kids get a little better at it every year.

We talked John out of a five-eyed pumpkin, so he “settled” for three.  He loves it!

I think Laura’s pumpkin is great!  Andy used toothpicks to hold the lenses in place.

Finally, we placed the jack-o-lanterns on our front porch.  We are almost ready for Halloween!

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