Oh my!  What a fun, great day!  After picking up our packets, we took our first picture at the start line.

We followed that up with breakfast (bacon!) and began the ride about 8:45 am.  We had so much fun!  It was lots of riding, great food, interesting sites (as in a buffalo), and lots of laughs with two, great women.

The highlight of the day was the High Trestle Bridge.  We did not realize just how long the bridge was when we were here last night.  The views were amazing!

We spent probably thirty minutes just taking it all in.  We got lots of pictures from all different points of view and stopped to visit the professional photographer on the way back.  One of the perks of the ride is free professional photos with your group on the bridge.

After getting all the pictures we wanted, we began our ride back.  Our goal for the day was 50 miles and we were just over 27 miles as we left High Trestle Bridge.  We took it easy for the next 13 miles.  At the halfway point, you could see the rain that was in the forecast was threatening in the distance.

We knew it was time to pick up the pace!  We really pushed hard the rest of the way, riding close to 20 mph for several miles.  However, our hope to avoid the rain was not to be.  We were 1.5 miles from the end when the sky opened up.  We just laughed our way back to the car because it was just another adventure in our weekend!  We finished the day with 51.4 miles and met our goal!  I can say that I will definitely be doing this ride again.  I am already looking forward to it.

And, what were the rest of the Kassels doing while I was away?  There was no need to worry because they were having fun too.  Laura had a birthday party for a good friend and Andy and John spent the evening with the baseball team.  It was fun times all around!

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