Mom Fail

This was my conversation with Laura as she came down the stairs and was surprised to find me at home.

Laura:  Mom, you’re home!

Me:  Yes, I am.  I’ve been here for 30 minutes.

Laura:  No, you have not been home for 30 minutes.

Me:  Yes, I have.

Laura:  No, you have not.

Me:  Yes.  I have.

Laura (with hands on her hips):  No, Mother, you have NOT been home.  I know this because I Google Mapped you.  You were NOT home.  You were at Aldi.

Me:  I walked in the door thirty minutes ago.  Google Maps isn’t always accurate.

Laura:  Good to know…

That would be a Mom fail.  Now, she knows that Google Maps can sometimes not be completely up-to-date.  Can I go back and start that conversation over?!?

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