Christmas Tree

We decorated our Christmas tree today.  The kids had a great time hanging all “their” ornaments and looking at all of them from the past years.  One of their favorite ornaments is the Holy Bible with their names and baptism dates.  This is Laura hanging her bible.

This is John hanging his bible.

Laura did point out that I have not yet ordered their ornaments for this year.  I usually get them from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland and the one she wants is currently out of stock.  It is too early for me to order them anyway.  They usually get their yearly ornaments around April of the following year!

Our Christmas tree turned out beautifully even if I wasn’t completely happy with the way it was shaped.  I admit that I can be a little picky about our tree and it often takes me about two hours to put it all together and light it.  I do love it though and I very much like our new tree skirt.

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