Dave and family arrived safely right about 1:40 am.  I happened to be up getting some water to drink, so I got to say hello and give hugs.  It is so great to have everyone here!  Thanksgiving morning started slowly as everyone got some much needed sleep.  We enjoyed breakfast and then food prep for our feast began.  I have to say that drinking Mimosas with Kristena and Megan while prepping stuffing is just a fun way to make food!

It was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 60s, so we spent a lot of the day outside.  We got out the Bags game…

…while Kristena took lots of pictures of the kids.

We also enjoyed some time on our back deck while the kids played some cards inside.  It just does my heart good to see them all together again.

Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous as always.  Jim carved the turkey and we all enjoyed everything.  I have to say that the 18-pound turkey, 12 pounds of mashed potatoes, 2 loaves of bread, 2 pies (pumpkin and apple), and everything else was almost not enough to feed 13 people.  We had some leftovers, but not anywhere close to what I expected!

The rest of the evening was spent recovering from all the food, relaxing, hanging out, and being family.  It was a perfect Thanksgiving Day!

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