It is Jack-O-Lantern Night in the Kassel Household!  First, the kids draw the faces that they want on paper.  John must have a thing for eyes because he wanted five of them.  Yes, five.

Second, Laura and I scoop the guts.  I love that Laura likes to do this part!

Third, the kids use their artistic skills to transfer the face designs to the actual pumpkins.

Fourth, Andy carves until the pumpkins are satisfactory to all.  This is actually never in question because Andy is an excellent Jack-O-Lantern carver.

This year, both kids got in on the pumpkin-carving action.  Laura did most of hers while John did a little of his.

Fifth, the obligatory picture of the kids holding their Jack-O-Lanterns is taken.

Finally, the finished Jack-O-Lanterns are placed in their new stands on our front porch for all to enjoy.

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