Day of Kid Activites

It was a busy Saturday day, but a relaxing Saturday night.  First, we went to the annual school fundraiser at Ridgeway Elementary – FunDay!  The kids got to play games and hang out with their friends for a couple of hours.  John managed to go through all his tickets while we had to give some of Laura’s away.  She’s much more methodical in game choice…

This year, we donated an Xbox One for the Golden Ticket Drawing.  While waiting in line for lunch, it always makes me smile to see the Thank You poster listing all the families and businesses that donate to the day.

Unfortunately, we had to leave FunDay a bit early this year because Laura had a cheer game at 1 pm.  Her cheer team has really gotten good over the course of the year and I was quite impressed with the halftime cheer.

We followed Laura’s cheer game with John’s basketball game.  His team won their first game of the season and they really played well!  The team has steadily improved and it is great to watch them.  I can’t believe next weekend is the end of the season.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing.  We had a great dinner, some good drinks, and hung out with Jeremy and Chaley.  Now, to set the clocks ahead.  Tomorrow is going to come quickly…

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