Fun Saturday!

It was a busy, fun day that involved Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, Moser’s, Gooey Butter Cake, Gingerbread House building, Laura losing tooth #2, and a party for Mom and Dad.

  1. Home Depot for Kids’ Workshop!  The kids made snowman napkin holders.  Despite having four different sticker decorating options, the kids chose pretty much the same designs.  We had to write their names on the bottom to tell them apart!  Laura talked to Santa Claus at Home Depot.  She was a bit unnerved at first, but eventually warmed up and had a cute conversation with him.
  2. Bass Pro Shops for Winter Wonderland fun.  Laura went to see Santa and get her picture taken, while John and I checked out the race cars and train.  After that, we discovered that Mrs. Claus was reading stories to the kids as well.  Mrs. Claus was a little late so we took some fun pictures of the kids in front of the “fireplace.” 
  3. Moser’s for the last ingredients for Gooey Butter Cake.
  4. Making Gooey Butter Cake!  Yummy! (Though I forgot to eat any at the party!)
  5. Building a Gingerbread House.  The icing didn’t set up well though so it just doesn’t look so good.
  6. Laura loses tooth #2!  She decides the Tooth Fairy will bring her a present this time instead of money.  The Tooth Fairy was happy to oblige with a book, “Pinkalicious – Pinkie Promise”.
  7. Annual Holiday Party at the Musket’s Home.  It was great to see the “usual crowd” and we had a great time!  Thanks Rachel and B for babysitting and for feeding the kids cookies. 
  8. Parents fall into bed completely exhausted.

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