Laura’s First Day of Kindergarten!

Laura started Kindergarten today.  She was so very excited.  Andy and I were also very excited, but we were pretty choked up too.  We arrived at the school about 8:20 and went around the front to take some pictures.  Here is the big girl in front of the school sign.

Here she is in front of the school.

Here she is waiting to go play on the playground before school.

After 15 minutes of play on the playground, all the kids (and some parents) went inside to the gym to wait for each class to be called and sent to their new classrooms.  Andy and I held it together pretty well, but I think we both got teary-eyed.  As Laura’s class lined up, she turned around and gave Andy and I a big wave and then off she went!

I picked her up at 3:45 and asked her how her day went.  She was so excited and proclaimed it “GREAT!”  She proceeded to then tell me all about her day.  It was so neat to see her so excited and listen to her talk all about her day.  She repeated everything for Daddy when we picked him up a bit later.  She’s pretty tired tonight, but she can’t wait to go to bed so she can go back to school tomorrow!

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