The highlight of today?  Taking the kids to the movies for the first time!  So fun!  Our neighbor suggested that all of us go to the Forum 8 Theatres for their Spring Free Movie Weekends.  Today’s movie was “How to Train Your Dragon.”  Laura and John have seen the movie, but it was a perfect opportunity to take them.  🙂  So, off we went!

Laura anticipating the start of the movie.

John enjoying the big bucket of popcorn (I had to buy Laura her *own* popcorn because John wouldn’t let go of the bucket and I didn’t feel like dealing with the screaming.)

Both kids really enjoyed the movie even though John got a bit bored.  I think on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, this was a 10!  Yes, we’ll be going again.  🙂  Thanks Jenna for the suggestion!

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