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Kids’ Workshop at Home Depot

On the first Saturday of every month, we try to make it to The Home Depot for Kids’ Workshop.  It’s a building project that kids can make.  We’ve been taking Laura for about two years now and recently started taking John.  This morning was a special project because not only did they get to build a heart shelf, but they also got to paint them!  Well, Laura did anyway, because John attempting to paint his shelf would have been a disaster!  She chose the dark pink color.  On a side note, I used to *hate* pink.  Now, I kind of rather like it…..

Laura is so proud of her finished project!

Upon completion of his shelf, John had to pound with the hammer a bit more….everything *must* be secure!


Nice to get out….




  1. Favorite Aunt Jill

    Love the POTDMW!! 🙂 Just browsed through it and I think you are doing a fantastic job!! Very fun. Good pics and lots of fun memories posted. Especially like the snow pics and descriptions [movie night, etc]. Keep it up!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!!

  2. Rachel

    I still hate pink, but I won’t keep it from Alia.

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