Strep Throat

Both kids were diagnosed with Strep Throat in the beginning of January.  We got antibiotics, they took them, and seemed better.  Last week, they both developed a snotty nose that we thought was just a cold.  On Saturday, Laura woke up and sounded terrible.  I checked her throat and it was very large.  On that same day, John seemed to cough more, but he wasn’t really acting like it was bothering him.  Yesterday, Laura did not improve so we decided it was back to the doctor today.  This morning, we caught John drinking out of Laura’s cup.  Andy made the call that I should just take both kids to the doctor to be checked.  It was a good call on both of them.  The first round of antibiotics did not get rid of the Strep.   Both kids were really great at the doctor’s appointment.  It really helped having Laura there to show John what to do because, normally, John sobs uncontrollably at the doctor’s office.  Today, after an initial sobbing, he calmed down when Laura said, “Big sister is here Johnny and I’ll show you what to do.”  Cutest.  Thing.  Ever!  Anyway, both kids are now on a second round of antibiotics for 14 days.  I really hope this gets it!

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