Da Bears

Today, the Chicago Bears played in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks.  Sundays during football season is always devoted to watching Da Bears.  We have even had NFL Sunday Ticket through DirecTV for about ten years now.  I’ve been a huge football fan most of my life.  I remember always watching the Bears as I was growing up and I always looked forward to Sundays.  Andy and I are determined (since we live in either Rams or Chiefs territory) that both of our kids will love Da Bears whether they win or lose!  Our beloved Bears won today and play the MUCH hated Green Bay Packers next weekend.  The last time it happened was 1941 and the Bears beat the Packers.  We are hoping for a repeat!  Go Bears!

I’ve got to make sure to wash our Chicago Bears jerseys this week so that we have them ready for next weekend.  Every member of the Kassel Family has them!  Andy wears #34 Walter Payton; I wear #23 Devin Hester; Laura wears #54 Brian Urlacher (we have both the orange and navy blue versions); and John wears #6 Jay Cutler.

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