The kids had a snow play date today with our neighbor, Brent.  His Mom, Jenna, came over to hang out with me while the kids played.  Laura played in the snow, but John was tired so he just sat next to me on the back porch.  Laura’s favorite snow play activity is to eat it!

John played a little with his Tonka truck, but it didn’t take long for him to decide that he didn’t want to play anymore.  I did get a good picture of him though.

Andy is off today helping with the University of Missouri’s Sigma Chi Chapter Initiation.  I think at some point he and Jeremy are also heading to Hooters to watch one of the football playoff games and eat wings.  I’m hoping for a bit of time to clean up the house.  Then I’m going to sit down and relax.  I’ll probably have a glass of wine and read some magazines.  I have quite a stack to get through.

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