Following Instructions

About two months ago, I bought cases of Watermelon Bubly, Blackberry Bubly, and Sprite. I told the kids that they could have one per day and, if they made the choice to drink more than one, that I would never buy sparkling water or pop again. Well, here we are two months later and they are still only drinking one per day. Who knew? They can follow instructions!

New Marcher Band Camp

New Marcher Band Camp is over! This year is a very truncated marching band camp and Laura will not have the competition experience. While I am sad about that for her, I keep telling myself (and her) that she is lucky because it is her first year of high school and not her last. I am sure the Seniors are feeling all kinds of emotions about their upcoming year. Still, Laura starts Hickman High School in one month. We have a freshman in The Kassel Castle. Wow.

Happy 50th Birthday!

If you see Andy today, make sure to tell him, “Happy 50th Birthday!” It is a small celebration this year with just us and Jeremy and Chelsie, but it does not change how important he is to all of us!

He did get one very nice surprise today! Andy has been waiting for his new Specialized Diverge to arrive for about three months. Guess what makes a birthday even better? New Bike Day! Thank you to CycleX for getting this bike together as soon as it arrived. You made Andy’s day a little better.

Also, thank you to everyone who took the time to send Andy birthday wishes. It was still a fun day even without the big blowout party. It would have been nice to celebrate with you all, but at least Andy knew you were thinking of him!