What a great Saturday!  The day began with a trip to The Grind for morning coffee with Laura.  It was great getting an hour with my girl before her Girl Scout event.

After quick showers at home and sending Andy off on a long bike ride, I dropped Laura off for Girl Scout Mariners and then ran a lot of errands.  I went to Hobby Lobby, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Hy-Vee.  I was excited to pick up Halloween mantel decorations at Hobby Lobby for only $13!

After using gift cards at Barnes & Noble to buy some books for the kids and finally getting my monthly shopping in at Target (only three weeks late…), I wrapped up my errand run at Hy-Vee.  I had just enough time to pick up Laura from her event and put everything away before Caleb arrived for a sleepover.

After Andy arrived home tired, but happy and relaxed, from an 83-mile ride, we had a great dinner of burgers.  The boys, along with Laura now and then, spent the rest of the night in the basement playing video games and having a Nerf battle.  Saturdays just don’t get much better.

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