Copper Triangle

Today is the Copper Triangle Ride – 80 miles over three mountain passes.  The team met at the start line at 7 am for a team picture.

After the picture, everyone finished gearing up.  Because it was only about 35 degrees outside, Andy wore his full-fingered gloves and vest.  He and Lauren had a hard time zipping their vests because of the gloves, so their personal SAG support stepped into assist.

After everyone was geared up, it was off for the ride.

Andy texted me pictures as they completed parts of the ride.  First was Fremont Pass.

Second was Tennessee Pass.

The final – and the most difficult – was Vail Pass.  The reward for conquering Vail Pass is a quick decent and the finish line where I met Andy and the others for a congratulatory beer.  I am so proud of Andy!

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying homemade spaghetti and teammate time in our condo.  It was a great way to end our Colorado vacation.

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