The Day Has Arrived

The day has arrived.  As we are preparing Laura’s room for a new desk, she decided that it was time to pack up nearly all of her American Girl things so that she can have a reading nook.  While “the girls” will remain in her room, most of the accessories will be boxed and stored.  She doesn’t want to sell any of it, because she might want it someday “for her daughter” as she said.  This momma is having a sad moment as I look at just a small part of it.  How did she get old enough for this?  Wasn’t she just six yesterday and we were buying her the first doll?  The excitement in her eyes that day was so amazing. She was the center of attention with Aunt Jill and her cousins at the Chicago store.  Laura will be 12 in just two short weeks.  Where has the time gone?

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