More Baseball and Girl Scouts

The Shockers did it!  They won their second game today and picked up their first tournament win.  The boys were very excited!  I just wish I would have been there to see the finish.

While the blog has been dominated lately by Kid #2-related activities, Kid #1 has been quietly working away on school and Girl Scouts.  Her troop had Court of Awards today and Laura earned 13 more patches.  Way to go!

Her troop also wrote up their summer bucket lists to earn a new fun patch.  Laura’s bucket list is posted on the refrigerator and we will cross things off as she completes them.  If only she knew that #5 is quietly waiting for her at CycleX.  She is going to be so happy when we take her over there on Mother’s Day to pick it up!  I cannot wait to see that smile.

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