Cub Scouts and Baseball

Andy and John got John’s Pinewood Derby car ready to run in the Cub Scout District races.  While we did not get to see the actual races as John was playing baseball, we were told that his car finished in the top 10 out of 28.  Not bad!  Mostly, we are super proud because all four of John’s Pinewood Derby cars got to participate in the district races.  That is a pretty good streak!

We spent the rest of the day at a baseball tournament.

The Shockers played two games.  While they played pretty well, they still have issues with not being able to finish.  There always seems to be that one inning where the wheels just come off.  I know they will get it eventually.  Finishing is something teams just have to figure out.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day and the Shockers can pick up their first tournament win!

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