Mizzou Baseball Buddies

The Withrow Electric Shockers got to go to a Mizzou Baseball game as “Mizzou Baseball Buddies” this evening.  The dad of one of the boys found the program and it turned out to be an amazing evening for the boys!

We arrived at the ballpark at 4:30 to watch batting practice.  The boys were so excited and got lots of high fives and fist bumps from both Mizzou and Georgia players.  You cannot see it very well in this photo, but a Mizzou player is walking the line to give each boy a fist bump.

After batting practice, the boys lined up to go on the field.  As part of the program, they get to stand in line with the Mizzou players for the National Anthem.  They make sure to get the baseball buddies teams on the field a bit early so they can interact with the players and get some pictures taken.  John was so excited because Mizzou’s catcher came over to say hello to them all.

I was proud of the team as they lined up for the anthem.  They represented Withrow Electric well!

We spent the rest of the evening watching the game.  Mizzou lost, but they sure tried for that comeback in the ninth inning.  Never give up!  To cap off the night, there were fireworks at the end and John got his baseball signed by several players.  It was a great, fun night at the ballpark and something that John will not forget.

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