New Kitchen Computer

About ten days ago, Andy was working on some upgrades to our kitchen computer.  One of the upgrades ended up killing it and requiring a new motherboard.  Andy found one on eBay, but it would ship from China.  I really did not want to wait the month that it would take to get the replacement motherboard because the kitchen computer is my main computer.  I use it for everything, including paying our bills.  So, we bought a new one from NewEgg for $400.  I love it!  The monitor is larger than the old one and it matches the stainless steel appliances.

And, we did buy the new motherboard for the old computer.  Andy is going to replace it, so that we can sell it.  That means that we get rid of the old machine and we even might make a bit of money off of it.  It’s a win-win.

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