Another Ridgeway Elementary FunDay has come and gone!  We arrived about 10:45 am and the kids immediately headed to find their friends and play some games while Andy and I went to the gym to fill out 200 more Teacher Raffle tickets for John.  We met back up for a quick lunch in the gym and then Andy and I went to the Silent Auction.  We bid on three packages – a signed basketball by Robin Pingeton (MU Women’s Basketball Coach), Explore Kansas, and Explore Missouri.  We were pleasantly surprised that for $115, we won all three!

After the Silent Auction, the kids finished using their tickets and enjoyed a Kona Ice.  We ended FunDay in the gym for the Big Drawing and Teacher Raffle Drawing.  While we did not win a Big Drawing package, our efforts in the Teacher Raffle were successful as John won the one he really wanted!  It only took a total of  270 tickets, but John and his friend, Ayden, will be going out for ice cream with their favorite principal, Mrs. Lawson.  John was so excited and the look on his face when he won was just cute!  Congratulations John!

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