Busy Friday Night

It was a busy Friday night for the Kassels.  It began with Andy putting the new decals on my road bike.  I love them!  Now, we just have to clean my other girl, so she can get decals too.

Then, while John played World of Tanks and I put in 15 more miles on my cycling challenge, Andy took Laura to her Upward game.  The girls practiced hard to add a stunt to their halftime cheer.

That was followed by dinner out.  We tried Applebee’s first, but it was very full.  As we drove by the parking lot of Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, we noticed that it was not full.  So, we talked to the kids and decided to give it a try.  While Andy has mentioned taking the kids there before, we had not seriously considered it because John is a picky eater.  After all, he is our Mac and Cheese connoisseur.  Laura was all in, but John was skeptical.  He agreed to try it though as long as he did not have to eat shrimp.  I think that Andy telling him the chef cooks your meal in front of you really sparked his interest.  So, we went in and got our seats.  To say the kids enjoyed the experience would be an understatement.

The kids (and Andy and I) loved watching the chef!  They also loved the food.  John even asked if we could go back again soon.

We finished our night in front of the television watching the Olympic opening ceremonies.  It was a fun evening with the family.

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