Day 1 Done!

Andy decided to throw a little challenge out there for me for the month of February.  At first, I thought he was nuts and I told him so, but, after some thought, I decided to accept.  For every day in February – even if I can only squeeze in 30 minutes – I will be on a bike.  It could be the trainer or outside.  Keep in mind, I still think he is nuts and *I* am nuts for accepting because February is our busiest month with Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, cheer, baseball, basketball, and various other things thrown in there.  There are worse challenges that I could do though, so here I go!  Day 1 of 28 is now complete!

Disclaimer – I took this picture not long after starting my ride today.  I actually rode 15 miles on the trainer, which is a good start as I would like to average ten miles a day.

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