Without Thinking

Without thinking, I grabbed my phone on the way to work this morning to call you, Mom.  I even dialed the number, but I hung up before it rang.  I was going to tell you that Laura got straight A’s and has a 4.0 GPA.  I knew you would be super proud, but I could also hear you saying (for the 100th time), “You watch out for that kid.  Andy’s ability to regurgitate every useless fact known to man and your tenacity is a dangerous combination.”  Instead, I just cried a little, but I managed to pull myself together before I walked into work.  Once I got to my office, I laughed because I was thinking about how Laura Marianne is just so much like you.  She would have given you a run for your money too.  I know you are up there smiling down on us, but also laughing a bit (or a lot) while I struggle through this thing called, “parenting.”

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