Let the Thanksgiving Fun Begin!

Jim and crew arrived this afternoon for the beginning of our Thanksgiving holiday.  It was so great to see all of them and it was especially good to see the brothers back together again.  Two years is just too long!  We spent the day hanging out and catching up. We ate some great barbecue and shared some great drinks.

Did I mention we shared some great drinks?  Well, the best ideas sometimes come to you after a few drinks, leading Jim to barricade the kids in the basement (or at least long enough to take this picture and laugh hysterically at the thought).

It was just a great evening all around.  I love this family even if they tend to make me a little crazy!  Sometimes, they even manage to surprise you.  This beautiful box filled with Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizzas arrived this evening via UPS.  It is tradition that we eat pizza on Friday.  Andy and I were planning to take the crew to Shakespeare’s, but we will be eating at home instead.  Bring on Lou Malnati’s!

Special thanks go to the rest of the crew – Dave, Kristena, Avry, and Addyson – for sending this box of love.  They will be arriving about 1:30 am.  I can’t wait to see them and really get the Blume Thanksgiving going!

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