Verizon Wireless and New Phones

Our frustration with AT&T finally boiled over.  After six months of overage fees, we switched wireless carriers today.  I called a month ago to find out why we were going over each month and I was informed that our data was being handled differently.  Basically, we were using nearly double the data for the same amount of actual usage.  I was told that we could upgrade our plan to avoid the overages.  Yeah, right.  Thanks for treating customers of 10+ years so well.

Because of that and the fact that my phone was three years old and having battery issues, we switched to Verizon Wireless and Andy and I now have Google Pixel 2 smartphones.  Ironically, we will be saving money even with adding a third phone line.  We switched from a 3 GB plan to an unlimited plan and we will only be paying $5 more per month.  Andy and I were paying $145 per month for just the two of us.  Now, our plan is $150 per month for three.  I’ll take it!  And, yes, I cannot wait until a certain Wee Ginger gets a call on Christmas morning.  She is going to flip!

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