Happy 21st Anniversary!

Happy 21st Anniversary to my partner in everything!  No matter what happens, you are always there to pick me up, support me, and love me.  You are my one constant, and you always make life fun and interesting.  Today was just one example of Andy’s love and support.  For a bit of a change, we rode to Serenity Valley Winery on our road bicycles.

It was definitely a beautiful day for a ride, but Andy’s definition of flat and mine are different!  There were several hills and I am simply not good at climbing.  However, I hung in there and we arrived at the winery just after they opened.

We have only been out to Serenity Valley Winery one time and that was right after they opened several years ago.  They have added some great wines and we selected a sweeter red – Touch of Black N Gold – to enjoy while we sat outside and just enjoyed the weather and view.

It was a great afternoon and I was sorry when we had to head back to Columbia.  While I did struggle on the way back, Andy kept pushing and encouraging me.  Once I got warmed back up (unfortunately, it just took ten miles!), the ride went smoothly.  I feel pretty accomplished given that this was my longest ride to date at 40 miles and I was struggling.  Thanks to Andy for keeping me going.  I know I dropped back a lot, but you always hang in there with me and push me to go harder.  I love you and, even though I don’t say it often, thanks for getting me cycling.  I love it (though not as much as I love you)!

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