Celebration Ride

We took a ride to Les Bourgeois Winery with Tim and Renee, friends from Big Tree Cycling, to celebrate my new bike.  We made it to the winery in about an hour and ten minutes, which is impressive given that I had no idea I could ride that fast.  I know I have gotten better, but a great trail bike and clipless pedals make a world of difference.  We spent the evening chatting with good drinks and the gorgeous views at sunset.

We stayed until the A-Frame closed and then headed back.  Along the way, we decided to stop at the Station House, a restaurant off the trail, and found a few of the people who work at CycleX.  We got some food and drinks and then proceeded to close down stop #2 for the night.  We rode most of the way back to Columbia as one large group.  It was just a great, fun way to spend a Saturday!

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