New Bike Day!!!

In April, we bought my road bike.  “New Bike Day” is supposed to be fun, but truthfully, New Bike Day was anything but fun.  It was my first ride with clipless pedals, my first ride up Rangeline during rush hour, and my first try at keeping up with Andy (who had to slow down.  A LOT.).  It was enough to make me want to cry.  Well, I didn’t give up and, today, it was completely different!  My new Specialized Diverge (trail and gravel bike) is in and, after getting all the necessary accessories and the all-important bike fitting, off we went!  What a difference some confidence gets you.  She took me for quite a ride with a bunch of personal records.  There are two rides to Rocheport planned for this weekend and I can’t wait.  Bring it on!

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