Andy and John had a great time at Cub Scout Camp!  In fact, John is nearly done with all his requirements for his Webelos 1 rank.  He was a busy boy!  While unpacking them today, I took some pictures off my camera.  Here is John shooting a BB gun at the Pellet station.  He got to keep his targets and they are pretty impressive!

Here is John at Bouldering.  He almost finished the wall, which is impressive because only three boys have finished the wall this summer.

He also earned his archery award.

John was quite proud to have caught seven fish at the Fishing station.  This is the first of the seven.

Here is John at crafting.

The Kassel men are exhausted, but I can tell that they both really enjoyed themselves.  John is already talking about next year and Andy has told me just how proud he was of John these past few days.  John paid attention and worked hard at every station.  Way to go, John!

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