So, I learned a little something about myself these past few days while Andy and the kids have been gone…  While I like time to myself, I am perfectly happy with it just being a few hours. This house is too quiet.  The cleaning and projects definitely helped, but it is still too quiet.  I found myself turning on the television on whichever floor I was on just to have the noise.  It is funny how things change because I used to enjoy the times when Andy would be travelling and it would just be me.  I would always miss him and be happy to have him home, but it was nice having a few days “off.”  I can’t really say that I particularly enjoyed my time “off” this time.  I am very much looking forward to picking up my boys tonight and my girl on Friday and I am excited to see the kids’ reactions to their new chalkboards!  Speaking of the chalkboards, this is the finished product in Laura’s room…

…and this is the finished product in John’s room.

Now, it is time to leave to pick up my boys from Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation.  It will be a late night, but I am excited to have Andy and John home!

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