While Andy and the kids are away, I do projects!  First, I replaced the shelf in our combination Mud Room/Laundry Room with three, stackable shoe shelves.  Overall, it was a $40 investment at Lowe’s that will work much better for us.  No more shoes all over the floor!

Then, I painted chalkboards on the kids’ bedroom walls.  This is John’s room.  I think the kids are going to be so excited!  I have to go out tomorrow and buy chalk and erasers.  Andy will eventually add trim around the boards for a more “finished” look.

Finally, I took the shelf that was in our laundry room and put it in Laura’s room for more storage.  She needed more shelf space for books and various American Girl accessories.  I had to move some pictures around on the walls, but the overall addition of the shelf will really help!

On top of all that, I also cleaned the entire upstairs, including all three bathrooms.  It was a busy night, but completely worth it.  Now, it is time for some television and a glass of wine!

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