Andy and I took our trail bikes out for a spin today travelling from downtown Columbia out to the Station House at Katfish Katy’s and back.  The first part of the ride was a lot of fun.  I was having a bit of knee pain, but it wasn’t horrible.  We had a nice lunch and a couple of drinks at the Station House and hung out with some friends who arrived while we were there.

It was all good until the ride back.  The knee pain was a result of my saddle not being placed properly.  Let’s just say that the ride back was not my best effort.  It was actually incredibly frustrating and demoralizing.  I felt like I took a big step back today despite crossing the 350-mile mark for the year.  I know that if the saddle was adjusted properly that I would have most likely been fine, but I spent the rest of the day in a funk.  Frustrated.  Not the way I wanted to spend today.

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