Busy Sunday!

It was a busy Sunday to cap off a busy weekend.  First, Laura was acolyte for the 8:30 am Palm Sunday church service.  I took her to that while Andy took John to the Paris-Roubaix watch party at Ragtag Cinema.  This is a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald house and supported by his cycling team.  After a quick lunch, it was off to the Vanderveen Crossing Easter Egg Hunt.  This was about ten minutes of waiting for it to begin for less than two minutes of actual egg collection.

The Easter Egg Hunt was followed by an afternoon of scouting activities.  Laura’s troop had their regular monthly meeting where they worked on their Staying Fit badge.  The girls got to do yoga…

…while Andy and John got to go fishing.  John caught his first fish ever along with two more!

Fortunately, the rest of the day was a quiet one.  It was needed after a day that began at 6:00 am and involved lots of activities.

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