Landscape Changes

The time has come to begin changing the landscaping.  The previous owners had put down rubber mulch, which Andy and I hate.  Today, I began the process of removing the mulch around the two front trees and by the mailbox area.  This is the before picture of the mailbox area.

This is the after picture of the mailbox area.

We will put down real mulch.  Yes, we will have to replace it every year or two, but it will look so much better!  We will not replace the mulch around the trees, but let the grass grow up to the tree trunks.  Also, I weeded the rest of the landscaping along the front of the house and cleaned out the area behind the boxwoods so that we can plant some herbs in that area.  Next weekend, we will begin taking all the mulch out by the sidewalk leading up to the house so that we can plant five more boxwood bushes and fill in that area.  More hard work ahead!

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