Drama and Bear

It was “divide and conquer” tonight.  I took Laura to her Drama Club Performance, and Andy took John to his Cub Scout Pack meeting.

The Drama Club performed “We Came From Everywhere,” and Laura and one of her friends, Hannah, were the stage managers.  The girls did a great job and the play was quite cute!  As a funny side note, the Drama Club teacher told Amy (Hannah’s Mom) and me that our “sweet little girls were the bossiest stage managers” and she really didn’t have to do much to keep the kids focused and on task because the girls did it for her.   Amy and I had a good laugh over that.

Meanwhile, Andy and John went to the Cub Scout Pack 2 meeting.  John earned his Bear rank and I am very proud of him!  Soon, he will be a Webelos 1, and it seems like just yesterday that John was starting Cub Scouts.  Time is moving too fast…

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