New Year’s Eve

What a great, relaxing New Year’s Eve!  We spent the day together as a family and just enjoyed the time.  The first part of our new living room arrived today.  It took about an hour to get the padding underneath down and then to get the rug placed properly.  I really love it!  I am very excited to get the rest of the furniture next weekend.

I made sure to get a good picture of the kids to end 2016.

While Andy and I watched football bowl games, the kids decided to make a blanket fort in the basement and spend the evening watching movies and playing games.

We enjoyed a great dinner of Chicago-style Deep-Dish Pizza made for us by Andy and then spent the rest of the evening just relaxing.

We were so tired that we decided to ring in the New Year on Eastern time.  The kids had Sparkling White Grape Juice while Andy and I shared our favorite champagne.

Happy New Year family and friends!  Here is to 2017!

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