Merry Christmas family and friends!  It was great to celebrate Christmas in our new home this year.  Our day started at about 6:30 am when John woke up.  We sent him to wake up Laura and she bounded out of bed ready to open presents.  We started with the stockings where the kids learned that the Santa presents wrapped in silver paper belonged to Laura…

… and the Santa presents wrapped in gold paper belonged to John.

Santa was good to both of our kids this year!  Laura got the American Girl Gourmet Kitchen set, Hermione Granger’s Wand from Harry Potter, a Pokémon Plushie, a Lego Elves set, and the Lego Friends Hot Dog Stand set.  John got a Mizzou bean bag chair for his room, a Mizzou football, a Lego City set, a Smart IQ game, and a mini basketball hoop for his room!

Once the Santa presents were opened, the kids passed out the rest of the presents and started opening.

They received a lot of great presents.  John loved everything with his favorite being the Lego Star Wars set.  Laura loved everything too, but seemed to be most excited about her Tiger Academy of Gymnastics sweatshirt.

It took about thirty minutes to open all the gifts.  Both kids had quite the pile of presents.  Here is Laura’s pile…

…and here is John’s pile.

The kids immediately wanted to play with some of their presents.  Laura couldn’t wait to get her Gourmet Kitchen set out.  So, we carried that up to her room and got it set up.  She was so happy to “introduce” her dolls to their new kitchen.

John just wanted to sit on his Mizzou bean bag chair and use his new Mizzou throw blanket.

The rest of the day was relaxing.  We went to church, watched some television, the kids played, and we had a great dinner with Jeremy.  The evening was capped off with a Nerf gun battle.  I am not sure if anybody won, but John sure had a great time trying out his new “most epic gun ever!”

It was a great, first Christmas in our new home.  I look forward to many more!

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