The storm that was to bring freezing drizzle and ice to Columbia started earlier than expected at about 10:30 am.  Originally, temperatures were supposed to rise throughout the day making it just rain and not ice.  The ice was supposed to begin between 3 and 4.  That did not happen obviously.  Andy picked me up from work at 2 pm and we began the slow trek home, arriving at about 2:50 pm.  That was right about the time the kids’ bus would normally leave their school.  I expected some delays and buses did start leaving the school at 3:40.

However, at 4:45 pm, our kids were still at school with their bus showing no signs of arriving at the school.  So, I called the school to say that Andy would pick up Laura and John and he left in the truck.  Our street was treacherous at best, but the rest of the roads were okay.  Andy got home with the kids about 30 minutes later and this Mom gave them all big hugs.  I was so happy that we were all home and safe.  Both kids said that they were fine at school, but that they were a bit scared because it was getting so late.  The rest of this evening will be spent relaxing with my family.

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