First Day!

Where has the time gone?  Today, our girl starts her last year of Elementary School.  It hardly seems possible that Laura is in Fifth Grade this year.

08 16 IMG_0951

John starts Third Grade and he is excited to be one of the big kids in Unit B this year.

08 16 IMG_0952

We took the kids to school just like we always do on the first day.  I, of course, took the standard pictures.  Here is the one in front of the school.  I suspect this is the last year for first day pictures with both kids in front of the school.  I am sure they will NOT let me take pictures of them in front of their Middle School in a few years…

08 16 IMG_0963

And, this is the one by the sign.  As you can see, the sign is under construction.  The old one finally rotted out, so the school district is building a new one.  Unfortunately, it isn’t complete, but I don’t care.  I am taking the picture anyway!

08 16 IMG_0964

Andy picked the kids up after school and took them to Sonic for a first day ice cream treat.  At dinner, it was fun to ask the kids about their days at school again.  Both said they had a great day and it was fun to see their friends again.  Fifth Grade and Third Grade.  Where has the time gone?

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