Tenth Birthday Sleepover

It is a special year because our Red is 10!  To mark the occasion, we had a birthday sleepover with six friends.  Hannah, Reagan, Aidan, Annabelle, Gretchen, and Kathryn came to celebrate with Laura.

07 22 IMG_0886

It was a night of pizza, presents, crafting, movies, and fun!  Laura’s first present was from Hannah.  After opening the card, she discovered this…

07 22 IMG_0868

…which was followed by this!  Fifteen dollars taped together!  I think that was *my* favorite present.

07 22 IMG_0870

Laura got lots of other great presents too!  Thanks to everyone for bringing such thoughtful, fun gifts!

07 22 IMG_0876

Next up was crafting.  The girls made Glow-in-the Dark jars.

07 22 IMG_0891

The girls spent the rest of the night playing outside and then watching movies.  It was an extremely late night, but completely worth it.  Happy 10th Birthday Laura!  We love you!

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