8th Birthday Sleepover!

John had a sleepover party for his 8th Birthday.

07 09 IMG_0779

Three friends – Wilson, Jacob, and Forrest – came to spend the night with him.

07 09 IMG_0776

The boys got to eat pizza and brownie sundaes.  They spent the evening playing lots of Xbox and Wii and watching movies.  It is really too bad that they didn’t have any fun…

07 09 IMG_0783

John got some cool, new birthday presents.  He got the Sharpfire Nerf Gun from Jacob.

07 09 IMG_0784

He got batting gloves and baseball cards from Wilson.

07 09 IMG_0785

He got Star Wars mini figures and a bag of chocolate from Forrest.

07 09 IMG_0788

What a fun night for our almost eight-year old.  Happy Birthday John!

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