Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July!  We spent what is most likely our last year here at Harold Court (we have pre-approval for a mortgage for a bigger house!)  in our driveway with great friends.  It is also our last year with the Lowerys.  They leave on July 11 for Alabama.  It was a fun evening, but sad all at the same time.  I am going to miss that crew.

07 04 IMG_0693

We didn’t buy the same amount of fireworks that we usually do because it is Monday night and that means Camp Mudd for the kids and work for Andy and I tomorrow.

07 04 IMG_0715

We still had enough fireworks between us all to have some fun.  As usual, the kids were very excited about the lanterns.  They just love watching them inflate…

07 04 IMG_0718

…and letting them go!

07 04 IMG_0724

I look forward to the big fireworks every year.  There weren’t as many in our neighborhood as in year’s past (it is Monday), but we still had quite the show.

07 04 IMG_0731

Right before our grand finale, the kids got to enjoy some Sour Bomb Pops.

07 04 IMG_0751

It was a fun, if too short, Independence Day!

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